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Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, bridge, gardening, and more

I Love Creative Cooking - Ideas for creative cooking, adapting recipes and cooking without recipes. Some recipes are included with hints for changing them. This area has expanded to its own website.

Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws - Over 100 reviews of jigsaw puzzles sites plus some jigsaws to play online or download. This section grew so large that it now has its own website.

JigCard Gallery - Play online jigsaw puzzles or send electronic greeting cards with over 1000 pictures. My photography gallery expanded to its own website and now includes pictures from other members. The daily jigsaw and all electronic greeting cards are free. Members can play all the puzzles and have many additional benefits.

Inspiration - Inspiring quotes, readings and songs.

Bridge - Information for bridge players and review of online bridge sites and online bridge lessons

Gardening - Links for Gardeners

Pictures & comments - Get to know me through this glimpse into my life

Animated Life - More glimpses into my life