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There's lots of variety in these pages. I hope you will find them interesting, informative and sometimes amusing. If you're having trouble viewing these pages, go to Site Help.

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World Time Zones - International time zones table, world clocks and tools for scheduling international meetings.

Website Development Menu - Information to assist you develop your own web pages. You'll find these pages revised at      
  • Font Wars - The method of handling text fonts is not consistent among different browsers. Info to help you get your text seen in the format closest to the way you designed it.
  • Graphic Wars - Graphic viewers are also not consistent even though they use the same file format extensions.
  • Flash - Examples of this multimedia format and links to Flash resources.
  • BNU Flash Class - Examples and assignments for the Barnes and Noble University's Beginning Web Animation with Macromedia Flash 5 class.
  • BNU Design Class - Assignments for the Barnes and Noble University's Graphic Design for Non-Designers class.
  • Visual Studio 2005 - Resources and tips for using these ASP.Net developer tools.
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More Websites by Dotty

These websites started as part of this website, but grew too big and now have their own domain.

  • Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws - Reviews of jigsaw puzzles to play on your computer and some free puzzles for you to download or play online.
  • JigCard Gallery - Gallery of about 3000 pictures with free electronic greeting cards and a free daily jigsaw puzzle. Members can use every picture for online jigsaw puzzles and have additional benefits.
  • I Love Creative Cooking - Cooking without recipes (and a few recipes too).
  • Daily-Recreation - Relax with cartoons, quotes, sudoku puzzles and word games, all changing daily.